Canal Boat Interior.

Wondering what boating supplies will be available to you on your canal boat holiday? This guide has you covered. Your narrowboat will be clean and serviced ready to hand over on your arrival - a floating holiday home to embark on your journeys across the waterways.

Your canal boat comes complete with a comprehensive set of inventory, such as sets of crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, utensils and more.

Kitchen Equipment.

Kettle, Frying pan, 3 saucepans, Grill pan, Casserole Dish, Baking trays, Roasting tin, Colander, Chopping boards, Measuring jug, Cheese grater, Bread bin, Oven gloves, Tea towels, Washing up bowl, washing up brush, washing up cloth, Scourer, Detergent, Draining rack & Ice cube tray.

Cutlery, Crockery & Glass.

Wine glasses, Tumblers, Dinner plates, Tea plates, Cereal bowls, Mugs, Teapot, Cups & saucers, Spoons - Dessert/soup/tea, Egg cups, Knives, Dessert knives, Forks & Dessert forks.

Kitchen Utensils.

Kitchen tool set, Tongs, Wooden spatula, 2 serving spoons, Wooden spoon, Whisk, Scissors, Cork screw/Bottle Opener, Tin opener, Potato peeler, Bread knife, Carving knife plus fork & 2 kitchen knives.

Bedding & Towels.

All bed linen is provided: Sheets, pillows, pillow cases, pillow and mattress protectors, duvets and duvet covers. There is 1 medium towel per person and 1 hand towel per person on all boats.

Misc Equipment.

Torch, First aid kits, Boat manual, Information pack, Kitchen waste bin, Broom, Dustpan & brush, Toilet brush, Toilet roll (3 per toilet), Toothbrush mug, Bucket & cloth, Sponge mop, Boat hook, Side fenders, Stools/chairs,
Coat hangers, Umbrella, Doormats, 3 Windlasses, 3 Mooring spikes, Lump hammer, Deck mops, Boatpole, Hose & connector, Gang plank, Life ring, Shaver socket, LCD TV, DVD Player, 12v charging point & Fire extinguishers.